There is no definitive way to predict how COVID-19 will affect travel plans.  We recommend keeping your plans fluid, researching county restrictions before you travel, and becoming familiar with reservation cancellation policies.  Colorado has seen success in flattening the curve, but everyone's continued daily preventative actions are critical in reducing the spread of the virus and ensuring safety for everyone. 

Wash Your Hands, Watch Your Distance, Wear a Face Covering

Remain diligent and continue to do the things we know slows the spread of COVID-19: Maintain distance, wear a mask, stay home when sick, even if your symptoms are very mild, and wash hands often.

Make a COVID-19 Plan

If you are visiting the area, create a COVID-19 plan for your family to prepare for the worst case scenario. Familiarize yourself with local medical providers and be aware of any COVID-19 policies at hotel or place of lodging.

Burdens on Healthcare

Please be aware that COVID-19 has placed an extreme burden on local healthcare. Excessive visitors to the area impose additional burdens on health care, public services, first responders, and other essential services.


Non-residents, visitors and non-resident homeowners from lower altitudes are at a greater risk for complications from COVID-19 infection than residents, who are acclimatized to the high altitude environments on the Western Slope.

West Slope Fire Information